Living Life Over 50 

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Welcome to our website and blog about 'Living Life Over 50'. We're so glad you stopped by. If you're about to be living life over 50, or already are, it's likely that your lifestyle will be different in the coming years. Our priorities change as we age, as do our bodies. We become more aware of our health, and give more thought to what type of lifestyle we'll have in our retirement years. That is why we created "The Adventures of Dale and Shirley".

You can read more about us and our backgrounds in the About Dale & Shirley page. But for now just know that I (Dale) am 62 and Shirley is 52. We both are going through what men and women at our age experience. Not only health changes and challenges, but thoughts of retirement, a changing lifestyle, diet, fitness, income, and being and staying happy as we enter our later years.

Living Life Over 50 - Dale and Shirley Guiducci

So what are our "adventures"? Well for one, both of us lost our jobs during the recession which forced us to become entrepreneurs. And, do it quickly and successfully. That was quite an adventure that we're still on today. You can visit our blog and read about how we made the transition from the corporate world to two home-based businesses, and turned them into a 6 figure income that will continue to pay us monthly after we retire. Neither one of us have had a job for over 10 years. Our daily commute is about 30 feet to our home office. We dress for work in shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops. We get to help people every day to address financial and health-related issues. And, we love that!

Living Life Over 50 Comes With Challenges

Another adventure was me (Dale) getting diagnosed with kidney cancer and having major surgery in 2017. In our blog we share what we both went through before and just after the surgery. Then we'll tell you about the recovery that now has us both working out 6-7 days a week. It changed our priorities. It made us take a closer look at diet, exercise, lifestyle, how much we work, traveling, and our daily and long term mindset.

Shirley will guide the ladies through her battle with menopause. Menopause affects over 27 million working America women. And 2 million more each year. As men, we can't begin to know what our spouses, partners, and female friends go through. We can only be there to support them. Shirley has some great news for women as she has found a way to ease the symptoms and get herself out of the depression she was suffering due to menopause.

Life, however, has treated us very well. We live on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida and travel often. Our 2 amazing adult children have successful careers in Manhattan. We're blessed with wonderful friends, and mainly due to our business, have met some of the most successful and forward thinking people in this country.

We've also created a plan for our future that many might find to be exotic, far reaching, or unrealistic. But with careful planning and the right type of income, nearly every retired or near-retirement couple can have the same or similar future.  We'll share our vision for our own future with you with hope that what we have experienced and accomplished will help you as well.

Once again, welcome!

Dale & Shirley Guiducci