Meet Dale & Shirley Guiducci

Dale and Shirley met in 1994 while working with a company in the network marketing industry. Although neither had a tremendous amount of success with that company, they fell in love with each other and with entrepreneurship.

After returning to corporate America and struggling with lay offs and companies closing & downsizing, they decided to return to entrepreneurship in 2012. This time it was different. They found people that were already successful that were willing to help them develop into the people they always wanted to become.

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Elevating Entrepreneurs

A discovery Dale & Shirley have made in their career is that it's not the business one pursues that's necessarily the biggest challenge. It's the fact that if you're going to be in a business that requires working with other people, you have to develop the mindset and skill set necessary to lead and develop those people. Therefore we should be working on ourselves as much, if not more, then working on our business.

We have a training curriculum to help any entrepreneur who wants to become a better communicator, leader, and speaker.

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Elepreneurs International

Robert Oblon has founded a company that has it's priorities straight. Put people first. Elepreneurs International is a company that believes that if people are happy they will be motivated and have the confidence to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Elepreneurs has health & mood enhancing products, a training curriculum second to none, an incredible compensation program, and most of all great people. All leading to Health, Wealth & Happiness...

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