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Our Story

Hey everyone! Welcome to our web site. We have been so fortunate in many ways and we want to share that good fortune with you. We have found an opportunity to be able to work together as a couple which is something we love to do! We also get to work from home everyday and make our own schedule. And, we don't work as hard as we used to giving us time to travel and enjoy life more. We'd love to show you what we do. It's very simple. It doesn't require business experience, a college degree or sales skills. All it requires is sharing a product that gives you a great result with others. It's simple!


But it Wasn't Always This Way

We labored with our jobs for years. Making enough money to pay the bills but not enough to live the life we wanted. The only difference between us and others is that we got frustrated enough to look for another way. In 2012 we both were laid off from our jobs so it was the perfect time to make that change. But we had never had our own business before so we found a very simple business that we can run from home. We work as much or as little as we want. It's all about sharing some amazing products with people for free, and letting them decide if they want to be a customer or not. We call all do that! In fact, we all share things with people all the time. The only difference here is that we get paid to do it!

If you are looking to live life differently, maybe not do the paycheck to paycheck thing any longer, and want to live life on your terms....we'd love to show you what we've done and how you can do it too. Have you ever thought of having your own part-time or even full time business? That's where we come in and we even have an amazing company and products to show you. But it starts with you trying our products absolutely free of charge. Visit www.DOSE4Free.com. Learn a little and request your free sample. We'll ship it to you and you decide. It's just that simple!

Having Fun, Getting Recognized for Working Hard, & Teaching What We've Learned

Dale & Shirley in St. Thomas

Dale & Shirley in St. Thomas

For us it was all about being fed up with being average. Once we found the right business that was simple, and made the commitment, our business exploded.

Shirley Guiducci Most Consistent Work Ethic

Recognition at our Annual Convention

Often times in our jobs we don't get recognized for the work we do. We've been fortunate to have found a company that understands that praise and recognition are a vital component to being happy.

Want to Find Out What We Do?

If you're looking for a part-time or full time income that you generate from home, it's well worth your time to see what we do. We are just average folks that plugged into a system and a great group of people. You can too. And, we'll show you how.

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