Elevate Your Life

Best selling author and researcher, Shawn Achor has discovered that how we were taught to pursue happiness is wrong. Working 40 years of life to accumulate things doe not make us happy. Learn about a company that is attracting like minded people to pursue happiness in a different way by elevating entrepreneurs health, wealth and happiness first. By doing so, success comes so much easier.

The Opportunity

Elepreneurs is an exciting new direct selling company that launched in December of 2017. In this video you'll learn more about the products, the company, and the compensation plan. You'll also learn about the marketing system that makes this business simple, gratifying and so much fun!

So sit back, relax and see why we are "Elevating Entrepreneurs to Health, Wealth and Happiness!"

Earn significant weekly and monthly bonuses on your efforts and the efforts of your team. Or, simply sell to Customers and earn 20% to 30% and more on every sale. Expose your Customers to our SmartShip program where they can purchase at the wholesale price and earn commissions on the same sale each and every month. In addition there are Advancement Benefits as you do achieve higher ranks such as a Lifestyle Bonus, Global Bonus Pool, and Stock Options.

Do You Like What You See So Far?

Great! Then the next step is for you to try our products completely free of charge. Simply visit www.DOSE4Free.com. There you can learn a little about the products and request a 2 Day Supply be mailed to you. Then you decide. If you want to learn more or join our team just give us a call. It's so simple!