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In 2012 my wife, Shirley and I started a network marketing business from our home. We had previously been laid off from our jobs and both vowed never to work for someone else again. We were being taught by some top producers in that company but they were all doing it “old school”. We started doing meetings every Tuesday night and Saturday, networking in the business community and going to events. Those activities were productive but it wasn’t truly a home-based business. I couldn’t talk to people that wanted to stay home with their kids because I knew they had to get out of the house most days. I started to explore how to build a business online.

Now 2012 doesn’t sound like that long ago. But in the world of technology and especially social media, things have evolved tremendously since them. So in 2012 I really wasn’t thinking about using social media to figure out how to build an business. I used primarily a website and did blogging. And, for that business it worked really well. In fact, we still have that business and it brings us leads nearly every day 6 years later.

But here was the problem. Even though it generated us a ton of leads that we converted into sales and new distributors, it wasn’t duplicatable. We became top producers in sales and recruiting, won multiple awards, and earned a lot of money. But our team couldn’t build a website and blog like we could. So the success really didn’t trickle down into the team.

Then in March of 2018 we were introduced to a new company, Elepreneurs. They have phenomenal products. When people try them they feel the results in 15 to 20 minutes!  It is such a simple business to build if you have the contacts. So, initially our team took off. But I knew that in order to see explosive growth we needed to find a way that everyone could expose these products to people they didn’t know. In that way this could truly become a home based business opportunity for virtually anyone. We needed to have a way to teach our team how to build a business online.

As I mentioned, social media has evolved tremendously in the last few years. But I didn’t realize how much myself. I was introduced to a concept using Facebook that is absolutely brilliant. It works in 3 phases. Phase 1 is teaching people how to use tools within Facebook to reach out to existing contacts and connect with new contacts as often as they like. Phase 2 goes way further. Once someone makes contact and engages with someone they can now add them to a Private Facebook Group. In this group their contact will see testimonials on the products, product information, specific company information, and general excitement about the opportunity. In that way the contact can explore as much as they like without the effort of the person that added them to the group.

Phase 3 is the what I am most excited about. It’s another Private Group that someone is added to once they join the business. It’s used for 2 purposes. It’s a communication tool. We keep the team updated to the minute. We post tips and congratulate people for their achievements. But it’s also a training tool. There is a checklist of training videos that each new Elepreneur goes through to learn the business. Think about that. Each person walks themselves through the important pieces of the business without their sponsor having to be involved other than to encourage them to do so.

There’s much more to know about this system that we built. But suffice to say that it has allowed us to truly build a business online that is duplicatable. Anyone can do it and it requires much less time than anything else I’ve seen. Therefore anyone can learn how to build a business online. Now it has become something that a stay at home parent can do or someone that is retired. Or, perhaps someone that wants to travel like we do. It is a home based business no matter where that home is. Yet people have access to millions of people to offer their products and opportunity to.

To learn more visit Elepreneurs. If you would like us to send you a completely free 2 Day Supply of the products for you to try visit

Dale Guiducci is one half of Tenacity & Heart along with his with, Shirley Guiducci. After years of struggle they broke through and became successful home-based entrepreneurs. In this blog, in social media and on podcasts they share their journey and the key component that made all the difference. Dale is also a entrepreneur trainer with Entrepreneurs International. To find out more, visit

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