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How important is it to have a network marketing coach? Do you really need to have a coach at all? These are great questions. I’ve always felt that the easiest way to find an answer is look to others that have already found the answer.

Assuming you’re reading this because you want to earn a significant income in network marketing let’s look at other professions that earn a significant income. Professional athletes all have coaches. Actors all have coaches. Business professionals that work at high level corporate jobs all have coaches. Sometimes their coach is their boss. But In many cases they actually have a coach and mentor outside their job. If highly paid professionals in other industries have a coach then you can come to the conclusion that you should have one too.

Every company in the network marketing or MLM industry will tell you that what they do is simple. That all you have to do is share the products or explain the services and people will jump on board as customers or distributors. Well, that is the process. But we all soon discover that it isn’t that easy and there’s one simple explanation for that. This business is all about people.

People are complex. Each one is unique with their own personality and way of looking at business and life. They have their own motivators, goals, aspirations, and desires. People often say what they want but won’t do what is necessary to get what they want. It’s because they don’t know what to do and have never been in this industry before. It requires a high level of skill to “move” people into the direction they say they want to go in. It’s all about learning what to communicate but more importantly how to communicate to people.

Here’s the problem. We were never taught at any level of schooling, the skills necessary to be successful in the network marketing industry. Nor were we taught these skills at any job. if we want to build a large business in network marketing we have to have a large number of distributors. Have you ever done that before? Do you have experience in leading and coaching hundreds, even thousands of people?

So, how do you get the skills necessary to move people? Training and coaching for you. If your company does not provide training on people skills, personality traits, and communication, you need to find that training. And you need a network marketing coach that has documented, proven results of building a significant business in this industry. Don’t have a coach that hasn’t achieved what you want to achieve. Then they have to be willing to spend the time with you necessary for you to develop your skills.

What we provide is a curriculum of training to first teach people the basics of the network marketing industry. Then we teach communication skills, how to identify personalities, and how to work with each. We teach leaderships skills. If you want to have a large network marketing business you have to know how to lead people. We also train on the mindset to be successful. How do very successful people think? Because that’s how you have to think.

Then we are also network marketing coaches. We work with people one on one on a weekly basis to guide people in all areas of the business. We all need people to look at us and adjust what we’re doing. That’s what coaches do. A network marketing coach can ascertain what you’re doing and make adjustments. That’s nearly impossible to do on your own especially if you don’t know what to adjust to.

As a matter of fact, we have coaches too! They are at a higher level of skill and achievement than we are. We know that we need network marketing coaches and so do you.

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