Network Marketing Success Secrets

Actually no one is trying to keep this information a secret. It’s just that a relative very few are aware of it. Most enter a network marketing business and are not taught these network marketing success secrets and struggle. Let’s take the struggle out of it and reveal to you these network marketing success secrets.

Of course, even knowing these network marketing success secrets won’t have an impact on building your business unless you have passion for what you’re doing. Passion is the fuel that drives you. And you drive your business. You also must be consistent with your efforts on a daily basis. And, you must be persistent. This is a business where you are marketing to people. It doesn’t matter what you are marketing and how good it is. Not everyone is going to love your products like you do and be excited to start a new business venture. Its’ part of the territory and you must be prepared for rejection.

Network Marketing Success Secrets

Keep It Simple

No matter how good you are at motivating and influencing people you must have a very simple process for exposing people to what you do and teach your new business partners that very same process. You must realize that people you bring on board may not have the same level of experience and skills that you do.  You should have a very simple script you can teach your new people so they can feel comfortable reaching out to people. And, it should be the same approach you used to expose to them.

It’s a Numbers Game, But You Have to Follow Up

You always have to maintain the mindset that you are in marketing. Marketing, no matter what someone sells, is a numbers game. The more numbers you expose to, the better your chances that someone will try your product or have an interest in your business. However, for most people it’s not about exposing to dozens of people a day. Because the key is follow up. This is one of the most important network marketing success secrets. Exposure without follow up is like asking someone on a date and then not showing up. Therefore, expose to 2 people a day and follow up. Most people can handle that. You can do it and so can your team even if they work a full time job.

If You Market Online, Get Them Off Line

People are using social media and other online methods to expose their products and business opportunity. But as stated above, exposure without follow up won’t produce anything. So, how do you follow up with people that like or comment on a post? You have to engage with them and get them on the phone. Is it possible people will order your products online without speaking to you? Yes, it is. But that shouldn’t be your primary method. You should expect to speak with them about your products, and/or show them how to order. Or, start in your business.


One of the biggest network marketing success secrets is the ability to duplicate what you do. When you bring on a new team member you should have a very simple checklist for them to follow and cover that checklist on a phone call. Then talk with them about some of the keys to success in your company and get them to do exactly what you’ve been doing. However, if what you’ve been doing isn’t “duplicatible” by the average person it can cause a problem. Which goes back to the first topic above, Keep It Simple!

There are other network marketing success secrets that we’ll cover is future posts but implement these immediately. If you’d like more help send us an email. We’re here to help people reach success in the network marketing industry.

Dale Guiducci is one half of Tenacity & Heart along with his with, Shirley Guiducci. After years of struggle they broke through and became successful home-based entrepreneurs. In this blog, in social media and on podcasts they share their journey and the key component that made all the difference. Dale is also a entrepreneur trainer with Entrepreneurs International. To find out more, visit

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