Welcome to Tenacity & Heart Radio

We are Dale & Shirley Guiducci, Tenacity & Heart, and we're very excited to bring you these podcasts. After years of trying, then more years of thinking that maybe we just weren't destined for success, we finally had it happen. These podcasts are all about what happened, why it happened and who helped us make it happen. You will learn how to cut years off your journey to the top. You'll also learn about us, decide if we can help coach you long the way, and perhaps join us on the journey. We're excited to share and hope you're excited to learn.

Episode 7 - What to Think About When Choosing a Business

Sometimes people are focused on just one aspect of a business opportunity and don't look at the bigger picture. What about the business model itself? Is that going to help you accomplish your long term goals? What are you passionate about? How do you incorporate the use of technology into a business? And, are you willing to learn new things? All this and more is covered in this podcast.

Episode 6 - Social Media for Network Marketing

81% of Americans and 2.34 billion people worldwide use social media. It's a very powerful tool for building a business. However, we must learn to use it correctly to attract people to our products, business, and to us. Many use it the wrong way because they haven't taken the time to learn to use it the right way. Listen to some tips, and discover people that you can learn from that are in network marketing and earning a 7 figure income doing it.

Episode 5 - Pro's Have Coaches, Who's Your Coach

According to the direct selling industry 90% of people quit network marketing in their 1st year. Why is that so? It's because people needs the unique skills necessary to be successful in this industry. How can we get those skills? Through a training curriculum and having a coach that's vested in our success.

Episode 4 - The Elepreneur Opportunity

Join us as we break down our newest endeavor with Elepreneurs. We've never been so excited about a company before. The people are fantastic and put integrity and honesty first. And, the products get life changing results for people within 15 minutes. That alone makes it so simple and not time consuming to allow people to just try the products. If you're in the network marketing industry or would like to be this is an episode not to miss.

Episode 3 - Do What Professionals Do

Many people venture into network marketing because the infrastructure of their business is built from the start, it has a low start up costs, and low overhead. But the problem is they don't have, nor are they provided with, the skill set and mindset training necessary to be successful. We have the answer. It's what we did and it made all the difference in our success.

Episode 2- For Things to Get Better, You Need to Get Better

On this podcast you'll hear from Shirley Guiducci, the other half of Tenacity & Heart, as she talks about her journey to entrepreneurial success, the discovery of a new opportunity, and the relief from menopause and anxiety she has recently felt some from some incredible new products in the market. Join us on St. Patrick's Day and Shirley's birthday. A great day to celebrate!

Episode 1- It's a Long Way to the Top

Our very first podcast! It takes a unique set of skills and a sharpened mindset to achieve success as an entrepreneur and network marketer. Hear from Dale Guiducci, one half of Tenacity & Heart, as he shares his long journey to success in the industry. Learn how he finally figured it out and how he and his wife, Shirley can shorten your journey and make it so much easier.