A Simple and Duplicatable System

Write this down. Forge it into your brain. “It’s not what you can do that’s most important. It’s what you can duplicate that’s most important”. Why is that so earth shattering for a network marketer to know and remind themselves of daily? That’s what I’m going to discuss below and is the reason you must have a simple and duplicatable system.

If network marketing is your career, or you want to make it your full time career, then your goal should be to get out as soon as possible. Yes, that’s right. If you’re not building your business to eventually not have to recruit and sell everyday then you’ll never be able to stop recruiting and selling to have income flowing in. This goal is to build a business large enough that it perpetuates by itself eventually. Then you can walk away and it still continues to grow.

But how do you do that? You have to start by having a simple and duplicatable system that you use. But more importantly, a system that anyone can use regardless of their skills and experience. If you are great at recruiting and selling because you can talk your way out of a speeding ticket, that’s great. What about the other folks in your business? They may not have the silver tongue you do.

Maybe you’re a self starter. Just give you a product to sell and you’ll figure it out. You’re maybe great with social media, or you have a large database of contacts. Or, maybe you have influence from a past venture and people just hop on board because you did. What about everyone else that joins your business? This may be their first venture and they have no credibility with their contacts for this sort of business.

A Simple and Duplicatable System

Jot down what the core result is that you want your people to accomplish. It may be as an example,

Learn About the Products

Learn How to Make a List of Contacts

Learn How to Make Contact and Get People to Try the Products

Learn How to Follow Up and Get a Response to the Products

Learn How to Convert Customer Prospects into Distributors

Learn How to Enroll Customers and Distributors

Notice how much people have to learn. You might say for instance, “They shouldn’t have to learn how to make a list”. Well, they do if you don’t want them to prejudge people because of what they currently do for a living or other reason.

What about making contact with people? Do you think everyone is fired up about calling people they know? Most are not at all and look at it as a big downside to this sort of business. What if you had something very simple they could learn and do from this system I keep talking about that relieved the anxiety of making those contacts?

Let’s do one more. How about converting customer prospects into distributors? Not everyone that tries a product and likes it considers selling the products unless they are prompted in a soft, nonthreatening way. What if you had a system that could teach them how to do that? What if your people converted just one out of four or five into a distributor?

How We Can Help

If you want an effective and productive team of people that will help you “get out” as soon as possible, they have to be taught many skills. Now you could try to teach them. But think about it, that isn’t feasible when you’re talking about hundreds, even thousands of distributors. What if you have 20 people come into your business in a day?

So, you have to have a simple and duplicatable system. And, you have to have a place people can go to access that system. And, you have to have communication and develop a culture in your business around that system.

Here’s what I’m willing to do. If you want to learn how to build that system let me know. I will send you a checklist on exactly what to do and how to do it. Just click below in our footer and send me an email.

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