Social Media for Network Marketing

We all know that doing any kind of business had changed unimaginably because of technology and the internet. There are so many things a home-based business owner can do in 2018 that only large companies could do just 10, or even 5 years ago. The biggest difference however, is the wide spread use of social media. According to Statista, 81% of Americans had a social media profile in 2017. While 2.34 billion people worldwide use social media. Therefore, using social media for network marketing is a very prudent thing to do.

By using social media to market our products, services and business opportunity we can reach far more people quicker, and without leaving our home. Or better yet, while traveling and even on vacation. However, there is a learning curve to using social media . People can be turned off quicker than they can become curious. So, it’s important to learn how to do it well. Like anything else that we want to become great at, making an investment in ourselves to learn it is critical and takes time.

Learn From Others

One couple that I’ve been turned onto that developed a rock solid method of using social media for network marketing is John and Nadya Melton. What I like about what they do is that anyone with a personal Facebook profile can learn to do it. It’s duplicatible, and that’s the key. They exclusively use Facebook. The general population is more likey to know and use Facebook adding to the fairly quick momentum you can build with your customers and your team.

There are nuances and details to their program but the general theme is to build curiosity first. Post about your lifestyle, personal life (positive only), having fun about 10 times per week. About 4 times a week promote your business or product casually. Not by mentioning the product but by showing you using the product or how you feel on the product. Or, if you’re promoting your business casually it could be about you attending an event or a picture of you working from home. You could also use customer testimonials. Then once a week do a FB Live directly promoting your product, service or business.

John and Nadya are also big advocates of using “Secret” Facebook groups. Once you get someone beyond curious to serious, you can invite them to this group. Then they can find out more about your product or business without it coming directly from you. In that way people feel like they are gathering information to make an informed decision on their own versus being sold.

Keep Learning

This is just one formula of many that are out there. And, please note this is not the entire formula. There is more to learn about using social media for network marketing. But hopefully you are encouraged that there are people out there using social media in network marketing that have built 7 figure incomes doing it. Even you don’t get to 7 figures per year I’m sure you would be OK with 6 figures a year while you’re figuring it all out.

Dale Guiducci is one half of Tenacity & Heart along with his with, Shirley Guiducci. After years of struggle they broke through and became successful home-based entrepreneurs. In this blog, in social media and on podcasts they share their journey and the key component that made all the difference. Dale is also a entrepreneur trainer with Entrepreneurs International. To find out more, visit

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